Here are a small samples of the heart-felt testimonials about David Orman, “Doc Wellness.”

Dear Dr. Orman,

Thank you for treating me and curing me of asthma. . .after one treatment!

I’m really enjoying our work together, building my body up to where it should have been for a long time now. I’m also thankful to you and your lovely staff for having late hours and for your kindness.

Robin M. Rose, Robin Rose and Associates.

To Dr. David Orman:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the services that you offered to me here in S. Florida. I have been receiving treatments for some time and find your knowledge, experience and capabilities to be of the highest I have encountered. Your peaceful, well informed approach and skill of needle placement definitely impacts specific symptom correction and the general application as “tonic” has promoted energy and wellness of my body. To me this is definitive of the “medicine” world. I have recommended you to many valued friends and family members with great confidence and peace of mind.

Terry Pankratz, Pankratz International Inc.

Dear Dr. Orman,

Thank you so much for the kind and professional attention you shared with me in the treatment of my issue that afflicted my body and my health state. I am happy to report that the virus did leave my body!

Thank you again for your time and attention to my healing.

Sally Aderton, Intuitive Arts and Sciences

Dear Dr. David Orman,

I first came to you in January with many health problems that ranged from debilitating migraines, menstrual cramps to an irregular cycle that came every 2 to 8 weeks for the past 25 years. Prior to coming to you, I had gone to an MD for a consultation for a hysterectomy. I had the operation scheduled until I saw you.

After going through testing, hair analysis and pH to give you a picture of what was happening, we went over the results and you guided me to a proper diet, supplements and I followed every detail. My results in 6 weeks were phenomenal to say the least! I lost 35 pounds, it has been 6 months and zero menstrual cramps and my cycle is regular. Migraines are gone too. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

My husband also had the complete workup and was very impressed. He too is doing so much better. My son and daughter had even more dramatic results.

Due to your work, our relative and friends have come and received help as well.

Dr. Orman, this letter comes to you with my deepest and most sincere thank you for all you have done and are doing to do in the health field. May God bless you.

Diane Salley

To Whom It May Concern:

Both my son and I have received treatments from Dr. David Orman. I had been suffering from stomach problems for a year and had been to many MDs and other specialists for no results. No answers and certainly no solutions, until Dr. Orman.

My son Dillon is 4 and has been diagnosed with ADHD. I had to finally put him on Ritalin as I could not find any solutions. I wanted a more natural and holistic approach because ritalin was just a band aid approach.

With Dr. Orman’s help, Dillon is now off Ritalin. Within one week of treatment, even my husband (the skeptic) had to admit he saw a difference. Thanks to Dr. Orman’s incredible insight and patience, we are noticing a steady and definite improvement.

I have been interested in the field of natural medicine for over 20 years. I have met many natural doctors and know hw rare it is to find one as knowledgeable as David Orman. Coupled with his compassion and gentle nature, I feel blessed to have met him.

Vonnie Goldberg, model

Dear Dr. Orman

The treatment I received from you was a great surprise. Firstly I was not aware of the problem I had and with the treatments and supplements, the pain cleared up in less than a week.

My experience with you was very healing.

In the future I would not hesitate being treated by you. Thank you

Ms. Joan Long

To Whom It May Concern:

I became afflicted with eczema several years ago. It gradually spread from my back to my right hand to my arms, legs and torso, even though I was faithfully using 2 expensive cortisone ointments and had taken 2 methyl-prednosole regimens prescribed by a dermatologist.

I began receiving acupuncture and nutritional supplements from Dr. Orman. Now, I am happy to report that only a small area on my legs are inflamed. The severe itching that accompanies the rash is almost gone. This represents a vast improvement in my condition. When I first visited Dr. Orman, the itching was present almost continuously during the day and would awaken me at night.

I would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Orman and by this letter, recommend him without hesitation to others.

Patrick Hurley

Dear Dr. Orman,

As a matter of interest, I went through 4 or 5 doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, who did not offer much help. I am very thankful that I consulted with you or I would probably still have digestive problems. It is all cleared up now and I have had no reoccurrence at all.

Thank you again for your very professional advice and guidance.

William Butler Kemp

Dear Friends,

In the recent past, I had developed high blood pressure and subsequently, a full blown case of candida, coupled with all of its intricate complications. Dr. David Orman enormously contributed to my relief of all the horrendous symptoms.  My heartfelt thanks!

Natalie Halpern

Dear Dr. Orman,

I wanted to write you a short note of appreciation. I had been diagnosed as having sleep panic attacks and sleep apnea. The conventional treatment was to use a CPAP machine to sleep and to take desipramine. I could not adjust to the CPAP and the desipramine gave me so many negative side effects that my MD told me to discontinue it.

After about 3 weeks of treatment with you, the panic attacks have stopped and the sleep apnea has been reduced. Likewise, I no longer feel like I am burning up inside, and my body feels more in line with itself. In general, I just feel much better. I am looking forward with great anticipation to completing the treatment which you tell me should take about 8 weeks.

I am extremely pleased with the treatment and results that have already been accomplished. Please accept my deepest thanks and appreciation. I would have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone with chronic health problems.

Very truly yours,

S. Melvin Kociubes, Vice-President, Trust Officer

Dear David,

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for you. You have been my first and only experience with acupuncture, but I can only say good things about the results.

A thank you and this letter are only minor recognition of the capable work you do. You have a warm, gentle, calming and reassuring approach. You are the only kind of professional I would be affiliated with and refer to. I have referred several people to you and everyone reports good results too. A referral is an endorsement and it is a process I do not take lightly.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Randolph F. Brock

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