Activated Barley: A Must

Research conducted in Canada, the United States, and Australia has shown that barley can play a significant role in lowering blood cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic subjects. Other studies have shown that non-insulin dependent diabetics (Type II) had improved blood glucose levels as a result of including barley in their diet. It should be noted that barley rates an astoundingly low 27 on the glycemic index. That’s 22 percent less than skim milk! And yet which one is banned form the low carb no grain diets?

Historically, barley has been used for thousands of years. The Roman army marched on it. It was the primary staple of their diet. They picked up that trick from the Greek gladiators who trained on it and were known as “barley eaters.”

Unlike “regular” barley, the properties of activated barley include the following:

  • Like regular barley, it ranks incredibly low on the glycemic index.
  • It has all of the nutritional value of barley — high levels of tocotrienols and beta glucans.
  • It contains 1,000s of active enzymes.
  • It is an ultra-long-chain carbohydrate that takes up to 4 hours to break down in the digestive tract — thus providing a slow, sustained release of energy and insulin.
  • Because the release is so slow, it actually lowers the body’s insulin response.
  • It provides over 400% more energy per calorie than any other food calorie known. (Despite what the USDA may tell you, not all calories are created equal.)

Doc’s Thoughts:  This is one of the most innovative substance I have come across in a long time. As I mentioned many, many times, the more enzymes we can get into the system that are active, the healthier a person will be. This is one of THE best way of doing so.

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On Dr. Oz Show: Hgh, Plus Anti Aging Tips

Talked about on Doctor Oz show.

“Doctor Oz maintains that Human growth hormone, commonly known as HGH, is an integral component to keeping us “youthful and vital”. It is worth noting that HGH’s connection to helping people feel and look decades younger, along with increasing libido, reduction in wrinkles, increasing lean muscle tissue, decreasing overall body fat content, and increased energy;”

For years we have been mentioning the great benefits of HGH and Hgh Plus. Now. . . finally, a noted authority has endorsed this substance.

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Pu Erh Tea

I have not been a big hot tea drinker for most of my life. Living here in Florida and drinking warm beverages do not really mix well. That changed in a the past couple of months since I came across Pu Erh tea.

My first exposure to this substance was about 25 years ago when I lived in San Diego. It was a part of my herbal studies and certainly sounded very promising. Then again, so did the 1500 other substances that were part of the training.

For my birthday this past November, a friend gave me a sample of Pu Erh tea and asked my opinion. I passed along what I knew and the n decided to give it a taste. Much to my surprise, it was DELICIOUS.

Pu Erh tea has a slightly “thicker” texture than most teas. Its “feel” is more like coffee compared to tea.

It comes in a variety of flavors, all of which were spectacular. From Citrus to Strawberry to Chocolate,  these were the tastiest teas I have ever had.

And now the great news. Pu Erh tea is extremely beneficial to overall health and wellness. Here is a list of the benefits:

  • Reduce fat
  • increase energy
  • inhibit lipase
  • increase t-lymphocytes (improve immunity)
  • enhancing NK cells and CD8 t cells (more improved immunity)
  • reduce inflammation

Doc’s Thoughts: I have made consuming Pu Erh tea a part of my morning routine and have noticed a major improvement.

Russian Way of Health

As a student and teacher of the Russian martial art of Systema, I constantly read about the culture and different aspects of Russian and its people. A few weeks ago, I came across one of the most interesting health providers in Russian history, Porphyry Ivanov.
Ivanov was a teacher, healing and eccentric who lived to the age of 85, at a time and in a place where such an age was uncommon. His life was ordinary until the age of 35, when he described in his diary whereby he simply uncovered new, “unprecedented” ideas as it relates to health. Though these ideas were not exactly new, he nonetheless taught them to the masses at a time when communism was in full force.

The ideas were simply and revolved around following Nature, being in harmony with Her and applying 7 very basic principles. They are:


1. Live with the constant wish to do good to people, and if thou hast done that, newer recollect of, and hurry to do more.

– What a beautiful concept. It fits with virtually every religious and spiritual principle – help others.

2. To everything with pleasure and joy. And until thou hast learned to get joyousness of doing a job, consider that thou dost not know how to do it.

– This is an ancient principle from the Orient. You have not mastered anything until you completely master it. 99% is the same as 0%, be it a skill or an emotion.


3. Drink neither wine nor vodka.

– A Russian not drinking vodka?! Newest research suggests that moderate ingestion of wine is considered healthy. In natural medicine, it is said that ingestion of grape juice would have the same benefits, not perhaps not quite as enjoyable. In any event, Ivanov has the themes of balance and moderation in all his writings.


4. One day a week, go without food and water.

– There are a number of protocols that advocate short fasts such as 24 hour fasting. The notion here is to simply give the digestive system a rest. Ivanov is the first person I have ever read that suggests 24 hours without fluids. His theory is that “sick cells” thrive on water and in water’s absence, they will die.


5. Walk barefoot all year round upon the grass and snow, at least a few minutes each day.

– Oriental medicine states that walking in the grass is considered medicine for the liver. Walking in dirt is considered medicine for the spleen, while water or snow is healthy for the kidneys.


6. Every morning and evening, bath in cold water.

– Uniquely Russian principle here. Get a bucket of cold water and pour away. The notion here is 2-fold:

(1) ice water will stimulate the thyroid gland and improve it functioning and

(2) When cold water is applied, there is a quick and temporary raising of the body’s temperature. This is said to kill all unhealthy bacteria, viruses, proteins etc. Ivanov also described a hormone release and stimulation to all nerves. There is evidence in the medical literature for the last 2 in particular. Nerve-based diseases such as neuropathy is often treated successfully by cold water submersion.


7. Live in harmony with Nature, in summer and in winter.

– Pretty straightforward here. We have gone to extremes – from waste, pollution and litter to environmental extremists and over-regulation. There is a point whereby we can use but not abuse. The Native American tribes are perhaps the best example of this. They lived on the land, used animals for food and clothing but alway found the balance. What marvelous teachers.


Of all the principles and writing from Ivanov, 2 main themes are seen throughout – live in harmony with Nature and make cold your friend.



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The Misguided “Art” of Hacking

When the word “hacking” first appeared, it referred exclusively to the world of computers. In short, it was a term to describe how to break into any computer illegally. Now, the term has been expanded to mean basically, how to take something that is complex and (supposedly) make it simpler. Sounds like it could be helpful? A closer look shows otherwise.

One of the “hackers” I read about talked about his experience involving a worldwide Martial Arts Tournament. In the midst of reading the rules book, he found a “hack” or loophole that allowed him to push his opponent out of the ring and by doing so, he would be declared the winner. He proceeded to do this with all of his opponents and was declared the “winner” of said tournament.

Another “hacker” wrote about how he found a way to run a marathon without training. How? His advise included starting the race by taking 4 Advil, stopping after every mile, eating a lot of bananas and drinking water. That was the “hack.”

Dietary “hacks” are also way too frequent. Crash diets, “exercise 1 minute a week and lose 20 pounds,” and take this pill and drop a dress size in a couple of day are commonplace.

What is the great rush? Is winning the World Championship of Martial Arts in the most hollow of ways THAT important? Apparently for some people it is. It sells books and gets people noticed to a degree.

For most, they find this approach very empty. There is no reward at the end because the reward is built upon the efforts of the journey; that is, if the journey is easy or meaningless, so too will the end “rewards.” In fact, when shortcuts are taken, there is no feeling of reward. It is viewed more like cheating than anything else.

There is nowhere you have to reach so much so that shortcuts are the only route to take. There is no great destination,  only the path.  If you cannot enjoy the path and each step along the route, you are missing the message entirely.

There is such a great feeling crossing the finishing line at a marathon. Is it that last step, crossing over the white line? Of course not. It is the 26.2 miles prior, along with the hundreds of training miles when no one was around that makes this journey worth taking.

Life is about the journey.

Enjoy the steps.

The Truth About My Disney Marathon

It looked the same as the prior 6 years I had run this event.  The expo was crowed and filled with runners eager to purchase anything that served as a reminder they were about to do something special. The crowd at the start line was big and boisterous, some 17,000 strong. Even the fireworks and shooting flames were identical to prior years, the purples and gold, weaving in the sky like strands of DNA. But something was just not right. I could not put my finger on it, but I simply did not feel the same about this event.

I was in the next to last wave so there was much time to think, observe and yes. . . .get cold. The brisk temperatures, coupled with a damp wind crept up like a ninja, causing many of us to shiver, huddle and listen to our teeth chattering. The Canadian runners looked like they were in the midst of a heat wave, but Floridians were struggling with the penetrating cold, a cold that would take me some 20 miles to finally shake off.

Finally, the wait was over and the event began. Off into the darkness, I was bringing along several gels, a water bottle and a nagging question of “Why am I feeling like this?!” This is the event I wait for all year. A month before, I was beyond excited.  Now that it is here, I . . . I . . . . want to be somewhere else.

I thought it must be the cold which always had a dampening effect on my body and my psyche. Once I warm up, all will be as before. Once I get into Epcot. Yes – Epcot – that’s the cure.

Epcot came and went, yet those lingering feeling clung to me like velcro. Perhaps the open roads from miles 4 to  8 would clear my head and elevate my spirits. Physically, I felt great. Never better in fact. Six months of track training, long runs and excellent nutrition was the perfect prescription for a marathon. If only I could snap back into my “old self,” the one who is running in a 47-year-old body with the smile of an 8-year-old boy, riding a pony for the first time.

Much to my chagrin, the open roads did little for my emotions but added to the coldness at my core. I knew Lisa would be up ahead, as would Magic Kingdom. Now my confidence soared. The “real cures” would be coming up shortly. At last, I can run like my old self and enjoy the happiest race(s) I have ever experienced – the Disney Marathon. I may have started at Mile Zero, but perhaps my real marathon would begin at Mile 8.

As anticipated, Lisa was there, beaming and beautiful as ever, just like the other times I did this event. A little up the road was the Castle at Magic Kingdom, a majestic structure that seems to blur the line between reality and fantasy. It was an incredible sight, just like always. Every thing was back to normal, just like prior years. Except me.

I am guessing it  takes me about a minute to run up Main Street USA, but  feels like 3 seconds. The energy of the crowd and the hallway of sound make it one of the most memorable experiences in my life. The crowd is so supportive and the runners could not be more grateful for this. At moments like this, it is easy to see that the marathon brings out the very best in people. It is a sampler from the “Heaven on Earth” menu.

I guess I just was not very hungry because nothing inside was changing at all. In fact, the internal dialogue was the only heat that was being generated in my body. Inquiry turned into frustration, and anger was starting to stretch out and getting ready to join the mix shortly. What was going on? The crowd was great. The volunteers were magnificent. The course was . . . DISNEY. . .my favorite! I was the only player not quite in the game.

Despite the chill, I had a Mile 13 meltdown. The internal dialogue turned to raw anger. “Why was this happening?!” “What is going on here?!” “I train for months and this is what I feel?!!” Please note that these are the edited versions of the conversation. It is a Disney event after all.

In an instant and one of the strangest feelings I ever encountered, I went from near-fury to indescribably calm. A wave of peace washed across along with the awareness of what was going on. For me, running is not about getting in shape or logging big miles but rather a cross between therapy and spirituality. Some people meditate or walk across hot coals or fast for a week to connect. I run, so in retrospect, I am not surprised at the occurences, only the messages. They were clear. They were pronounced. In other words, I heard and I knew them. Only today, some 48 hours later,  did I accept them. (I will get to these shortly.)

At that point I knew it was going to be a long walk. . . not run. . . to the finish. There were some physical things — a couple of blisters and a twisted ankle — but they were a distraction at best, excuses at worst – from the real truth of the matter.

I saw Lisa again at Mile 18 and we talked for about 30 minutes or more. My intention was to walk off the course and avoid additional suffering. Fortunately, she knew me better than I did and said the right things so that I would get back out and complete the marathon. I really do not remember much of the next 8 miles. My body was there but mind was elsewhere.

At around 12:45pm, I managed to cross the finish line, completing my 7th and least eventful/most memorable marathon. It reminded me of the time was in San Francisco to take my national licensing exam to become an Acupuncture Physician. I was in San Francisco, a beautiful city with countless things to do,  but did not get to enjoy it because I was inside a hotel taking a grueling weekend-long test. That is how I would describe this event, not as a marathon but as a stressful test.

My initial post-race reactions were that I was simply burned out – burned out from 7 years of long runs, from doing the same event and knowing the course too well. To a degree, this is accurate. It is honest. It is just not truth.

I also thought that maybe I needed a break. In addition to our business which is expanding into new areas AND a martial arts school that I  run AND monthly trips to train in W. Palm Beach AND Japanese language lessons AND Shodo lessons AND Arnis training (am I missing anything here?), maybe I needed some rest. To a degree, this is accurate. It is honest. It is just not truth.

Recently I watched an interesting documentary on PBS about the Buddha. One quote really hit me and swirled around my head through much of the second half of the marathon:

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

Seven years ago, I started running for the first time. I had run as part of training for baseball and martial arts but never as an activity unto itself. So I had the starting (or not starting as the Buddha said) portion down pat. It was the “not going all the way. . . ” section that over the past 2 years or so, slipped away from me. These were the messages (I mentioned above) that were in front of me during this weekend and especially during the event, glaring at me, even though I tried avoiding eye contact.

I ran this event, like I did every other to finish, simply to finish. That has always been my goal and I was very happy with it. Only in my 7th marathon, I was not very happy. The course was the same. The energy was the same. The event was the same. I, however, was not the same. I was being honest with myself, just not truthful.

My truth was clear but I did not want to accept it. My truth was that “simply finishing” was no longer satisfying. I was not “going all the way” as the Buddha stated. Not even close, and the gap between who I was before and who I am now was shockingly wide, wide enough for happiness, joy and pleasure of an annual event to fall into to the darkness.

Truth does not operate from history, but rather presents a blank sheet to paint your most beautiful portrait now. Ignore it, push it aside or pretend it does not exist and it will still find you. It found me and shadowed me the whole running season.

The closeness of our relationships – particularly the relationship with ourself –  is directly proportional to the degree to which we have revealed the truth about ourself. It can be brutally painful and will make its grand entry when we least expect it. It can be found everywhere, even at marathons. Especially at marathons.

In the past, I would have made the commitment to do the Disney Marathon 2012 today. Instead, I made the commitment to be truthful and re-invent myself as a runner and thus, as a person. I do not know what I am capable of doing. Now, I will find out. It is time to toss out the old and go forward to a new start. Every morning is a fresh beginning. Every day the world is made anew. I look out my window and see the new grass, new leaves on the trees, new sunrise and new sunset. Nature certainly lives Her Truth.

Now is my turn.

Eating According to the 5 Elements Diet Information

Diet pills? Diet gadgets? Too many diet books? Confused about what and when and how much to eat? Not getting the results you want, need and expect?

Dr. David Orman has released the definitive guide to eating with the educational CD entitled “Eating According to the 5 Elements.”
On this CD, clear and easy to understand information is presented about WHO should be eating WHAT types of food and WHICH should be avoided.

On this exciting CD, you will hear diet information including:

+ How the heart plays THE major role with health and which substances will provide optimal diet and nutrition for it and its role. . . in the Immune System.

+ When to do a detox and when it should be avoided.

+ How we actually “think” with our Spleen and the solution to forgetfulness, confused thoughts or muddled thinking.

+ How common problems such as digestive disturbances, headaches, fatigue and allergies can be addressed by diet and eating the precise types of foods. And avoiding the wrong ones.

+ A solid, easy to use Supplement Program based on your chemistry.

+ And much more diet, exercise and optimal life information

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