4 Changes To Improve Running and Health


It is less than one week away from my ninth marathon and already the excitement is flowing through my veins.

It has been a strange training season, filled with flip-flopping, changes and general confusion. Out of this, some great lessons and clear themes about improving health appeared. I would list 4 major ones:

1. Hill training. Though I went back and forth at times, doing long distance running and short, intense training, one thing I continually included was hill training.

Hill training is exceptional, one that I would strongly recommend even if you have no intention of running a marathon or any other event. It is a great way to improve cardiovascular training and is in short, a safe form of weight training for the legs. It also forces you to use perfect or near perfect form when running, thus avoiding some of the major causes of injury. (Heel striking is at the top of this list.)

The end result is a pair of strong legs, improved cardiovascular system and fat loss.

2. Running Form. I have no interest in improving my race times. That is not why I run. My motivation for running is the same as my Life Purposes — to collect experiences, learn from them and then teach those wanting information and emotional experiences to improve their life.

This year, I did something a little differently. I paid strict attention to my running form. In short, the ideal form is this — Stand up straight. Now, lean forward from the ankles as if you are going to fall. Just before the “falling/tipping point” start running. You will note that it is a lean-forward approach, a form used by the most advanced and efficient runners. And me.

What I noticed by paying attention and consistently applying this is that my joints were stronger and virtually pain-free. Why? This approaches puts the emphasis on the muscles, tendons and ligaments. The Achilles tendon, the strongest one in the body, gets the most work. It acts like a spring, propelling the runner forward.

For me, soreness feels good in an odd way. It is a message that I extended myself. Pain however, is a deterrent, something to be avoided as much as possible. By adhering to the above way of running, mission was accomplished.

3. Recovery. I am very diligent about taking my daily supplements. However, over the years, I would skip taking my recovery shake after a running session. No particular reason, just a bad habit.

This year, I made sure that I took either “Recoverite” (my favorite) or a homemade recovery drink featuring a mixture of greens, Royal Jelly, trace minerals and l-glutamine. This allowed me to rebuild and regenerate, so that I could consistently train in the manner I wanted. (I train in martial arts, fencing and do a lot of work in the gym, in addition to running.)

4. Rekindling of my Passion. As mentioned, I was all over the map this year. I was sure I was not doing the marathon, only to change my mind. . . .multiple times. It was both confusing and frustrating until I realized what was happening.

When I live from my thinking mind, I live an average life. That is not a bad thing. The problem is that when this happens, it does not feel like I am living my own life. I am living a mimicry whereby my passion is nothing more someone else’s quotations. It is where Honest lives.

When I live from my heart, I live an exceptional life, one that is filled with energy, abundance, excitement and color. It is also where Truth lives. Only when I sat down one day and examined what I was doing, what I want and what my passions are, did my answers come forth.  I love the Disney marathon. It adds tremendously to my live. I may forget some of the details and reasons why, but I never forget how it makes me feel. The flame was relit. Passions rekindled.

I expect to have another remarkable experience this Sunday at the 20th anniversary of the Disney marathon. It is my first time running my 9th marathon, complete with a forward lean, strong on the hills, fully able to recover once finished and a bringing a boat load of Passion.

Doc’ s Thoughts: As you can see, this is one of my annual highlights. My strong desire is that everyone has an event, an activity, a hobby etc., that brings them the joy and passion that this event brings to me. Or perhaps I bring to it. Living in the realm of Passion and happiness is one of the most medicinal thing anyone can do. It will heal depression quicker than any drug. It will mend a broken heart or help “melt away” a spare tire. It is Insight Therapy, wrapped up in 26.2 miles.

Do it. Then email me your experiences.

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