New Services for 2013

Were you happy with how you looked this year? With how you felt? Your energy levels? Immunity?

What about your personal life? Did you achieve what you set how to achieve? Are you any closer now?

Sometimes we need help. We have not found or developed the needed skills or abilities. Other times, we are just stuck and need some assistance.

Now. . . . you have it.

DMI, home of Hgh Plus (soon to be Doc Wellness Formula) is proud to re-announce our DOC WELLNESS SERVICES:

First, we are re-launching . . . .


You’ve reached the ORIGINATORS of the Virtual Clinic and Virtual Doctor’s Visit!   Started in 2004, we remain the leaders in virtual wellness.  This innovative approach to treatment allows for privacy, personalized care and innovative approaches to regaining or improving your health. Simply fill out a questionnaire and Dr. Orman will dictate the results onto a CD. You can then listen at your convenience, as many times as you wish and apply the information to assist you with your health goals.    Finally, get the true health care you have been looking for from anywhere in the world.

Call 888-776-6101 for more information or to order your Virtual Visit.


Schedule a phone or Skype consultation with Dr. Orman to receive individualized, personalized care.  Each session is geared to meet your exact needs and your exact goals.  Ask the questions that fit your lifestyle and have Dr. Orman address each of them personally.  He has treated thousands of clients from around the globe, for over 20 years now.  This experience and his creative, caring approach can assist you in reaching new levels of wellness.

Since health directly affects life issues and vice versa, we also offer a 2 person coaching session. Dr. David Orman and Lisa Leitl (author, entrepreneur, success coach) will address issues from both a “male” and “female” perspective so to speak. Together, this is a powerful session. Individually or as a team, if you are looking to improve your health and your life, schedule a session now.

You have the choice. Continue to do what you are doing and get the same results. Continue to live through your excuses or justifications as to why things are happening and why they can’t change. OR. . . . . 

Do something new, challenging and something that will make a dramatic difference in your life. 

2013 will be a new year. You can really make it a NEW YEAR.

Call and schedule your appointment today.