A Must Read For Thanksgiving

For some there is a tendency to over-eat in the next few days. A week or 2 later, they end up with a cold or flu. The reason for this is over-consumption of food that accumulates in the digestive tract and is not processed. In other words — undigested food. The Natural medicine term is “food stagnation.” (The pharmaceutical industry markets this as “flu season,” a most inaccurate term.)

The way to prevent this is:
1. Consume smaller amounts (the obvious one). Most of us are blessed to be living in a country with amble food. You have enough and if you follow Your True Path in life, you always will.
2. Consume at a slower pace. This is a continuation of #1. There is no rush to get through the meal. Take your time to enjoy. After all, it is a day to give thanks. Do so with each bite. Note each flavor and eat with a smile on your face.
3. Include digestive enzymes with each meal. For reasons stated above (food stagnation), digestive enzymes at the end of each meal are a must. They will assist the body in breaking down the food and also with elimination of waste. There are many quality digestive enzymes on the market. They are inexpensive and easy to take. My favorite is from Standard Process — Zypan.
4. Be mindful of your food. Eat when you are happy. Avoid food if you are in a poor mood. Don’t use food as a “drug.” Use it as nutrition.

I listed this as #4 but it is the most important. The chemical, hormonal reason of food plus emotion is incredibly detailed and fascinating. The “Clif Notes” version is simple and direct — when a food substance enters the system and you are feel great, the body will view this as nutrition. When a food enters the system and you feel poorly, it will end up being a “poison,” harmful to the system. Please note that this is REGARDLESS OF THE FOOD! (This answers the question, “How can she eat like that and remain so thin?!”)

On behalf of everyone here, I thank you all for your years of support. My you and your family have a special day.

–Dr. David Orman