Unique Fat Loss and Health Improving Method

When trying to drop weight, there is a certain combination that can go a long way toward achieving your goals. It may not be as traditional as steak and red wine but it will work very, very well.

It was recently reported that adults who consume sugar based soda with their meals commonly choose salty, high calorie foods and avoid vegetables altogether. (The latter of course, are the low calorie, high energy foods.)

In addition. . . this is where you really want to pay attention. . . . it was shown that children and adults who receive water with their meals will eat more vegetables and make healthier choices. Scientists concluded that we are programmed to associate soda with unhealthy foods. This explains the “Happy Meal” and the 101 variations. As a result, we may be unconsciously making poor food choices when pairing meals with soda. Conversely, when we pair it with water, our choices dramatically improve.

Your mission. Start drinking water with meals. You will likely consume and even have cravings for vegetables as a “side effect.”

Doc’s Thoughts:  This was a great study! I think the simplicity and effectiveness of a simple behavioral change will go a long way toward achieving health. Fat loss will be a secondary effect.

Also, many people mistakenly think they are hungry, when in fact, they are dehydrated.