Timing of Vitamin D

You probably know about the tremendous benefits of Vitamin D. Rarely a week goes without a new study coming out showing the health benefits of this substance. You know you need to take it. Do you know when??

Vitamin D is a fat-soluable nutrition that does NOT absorb well on an empty stomach or with a small meal.

A recent study showed that people who took Vitamin D on an empty stomach or with a light meal did not absorb the vitamin very well. When these people took D with the largest meal of the day, there was a remarkable 56.7% increase in serum blood levels after 2 months.

Doc’s Comments: One of the things I have done consistently with people is implement TIMING as well as specific substances. Examples/  Nutrition that should be taken with the biggest meal include fish oil, lycopene, lutein, astaxanthin and of course, Vitamin D.