Why Bees Hold a Key to Healing Alzheimer’s

In a recent study from the journal entitled, Experimental Gerontolgoy, a group from the U of AZ showed data that by tricking older, foraging bees into doing social tasks inside the nest, it causes changes in the molecular structure in the brain.

Stay with me on this, it gets better.

When bees are in the nest and take care of their young, they remain mentally competent for a long period of time. When they start flying out to gather food, they age quickly.

This begs the question. . . . What would happen if they foraged and returned to caring for their young? In as little as 10 days, they showed about 50% improvement in mental abilities.

Translation. . . . Social interventions — changing how you deal with your surroundings is something that can help OUR brains stay younger and healthier.

Doc’s Thoughts: Though this is a simple study involving bees, the same principles work for humans. In short, give someone a challenge and health, including brain health will be noted.

The biggest disease – the one that has caused more deaths, diseases and problems in general? Boredom.