The Beneficial Effects of Coffee

For all of my java loving friends waiting for, hoping for or dreaming of good news about coffee. . . . your wishes have been granted.

An exciting new study recently published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine suggested that coffee consumption may add yours to your life.

Data has been steadily mounting about the ability of coffee to reduce vascular disease, reduce cancer risk, preserve cognition and reduce both diabetes and obesity.

Coffee is rich in polyphenols which favorably interact with cells. It also has the proven ability to turn on genes that promote youthful cellular functions.

One particular compound called chlorogenic acid provides a large number of benefits including reducing post-meal glucose surges associated with obesity and diabetes.

Doc’s Thoughts: I will not rain on the parade, just maybe toss in a couple of sun showers here.

Please note that triple mochas or vanilla latte or other high-sugar/high-fat flavored coffee was NOT included in any of this research.

Also, coffee is the most sprayed product in the world. Whenever possible, use an organic version or be sure to consume cilantro and parsley on a regular basis. Both will naturally and safely leech toxins from the system.