How Purple Basil Can Improve Circulation

Herbs have a tough reputation. Yes, you know when used appropriately, they are fantastic. Yes, you know when used appropriately, they are horrible tasting.

So when one comes along that is great for you AND good tasting, it is worth doing a blog post about.

The star of the show today is Purple Basil. Purple Basil is from the family of plants commonly known as sweet basil. It is the same basil that is commonly used in cooking, particularly Italian style cooking.

How To Use

Get a big pot, boil water and add purple basil leaf tea. Most health food stores carry it. It is tasty and excellent for during the meal or an after-dinner tea. Many people have the tea with figs or goats cheese on crackers. The flavors blend beautifully.

What It Does

Aside from bringing a smile to your face due to the pleasant taste, purple basil contains an essential oil called Eugenol. This is a natural substance which dilates blood vessels and improves circulation. As little as one cup can provide medical benefits.

Tasty and healthy. That is a great combination.