Avoid The Ice


Great in tea or lemonade.  Fun to skate on. However, when in comes to injuries or injury prevention, ice treatments are to be avoided.

The theory as to why ice is used in situations such as post-marathon or shoulder soreness is that inflammation is present and thus, ice will assist the body in clearing inflammation.

It does not.

Ice or cold in general, based upon Natural Medicine principles, causes a lack of movement. In short, ice stops the flow of energy and reduces the flow of blood. Heat by contrast, does exactly the opposite.

The last thing you want to do in situations such as injury, inflammation or other “-itis” situations (Ex/ bursitis, arthritis) is to stop the flow of energy and blood to those areas. By applying ice or cold in general, you are stopping the flow of needed energy and nutrients to the affected area.

The one exception of course is applying ice in an acute situation. If a person sprains their ankle, ice for a 24 hour period is useful. It can reduce the amount of swelling in the given area. After 24 hours, it becomes problematic.

Bottom line. . . .save the ice for ice coffee, not for treatments.


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