Simple Substance to Reduce Appetite and Food Intake

You know the facts about obesity. Even if you don’t know the exact numbers, just look around. It is a major problem both from a health and a financial position. Obesity contributes to a laundry list of diseases which are expensive to treat.

And easy to prevent.

Here is one way. . . . .

An article published in the journal Appetite reports findings from scientists at the U. of Copenhagen noting that flax seeds have an appetite suppressing effect in both men and women.

A group of men and women underwent an overnight fast after which they were assigned to drink either pure water or water containing flaxseed fiber. The flaxseed group reported being less hungry and ate 9% less than the control group.

This study was repeated twice with similar results.

Doc’s Thoughts: Of all of the various oils, from Krill to Coconut and everywhere in between, I have found that for overall health and wellness, Flax is at the top of the list. Yes, there are some better for specific situations (such as inflammation or elevated triglycerides etc.) but as an inexpensive, health-promoting substance, Flax is still the best.

I think these 2 studies also show another of flax seed oil’s benefits – appetite control. It is hardly the be-all, end-all but it can be a good tool for getting back to an ideal weight. Diet and exercise are still the prime methods.