What is 5-LOX and Why You Need To Know About It

There is an enzyme called 5-LipoXygenase, better known as 5-LOX that when levels are high, will set in motion an inflammation response that correlations with some of the most painful and debilitating degenerative effects associated with aging.

What contributes to high levels of 5-LOX? For starters, the typical American diet is the major contributor. Foods rich in Omega 6s such as red meats, hormone laden chicken and eggs and. . . the “star” of the show . . . sugar, cause an overproduction of arachidonic acid.  The body responds by producing the  5-LOX enzyme.

5-LOX breaks down the unhealthy acids into substances that attack joints, artery walls and various aspects of the cell and tissues. Bottom line,  5-LOX enzyme contributes to painful aspects of aging.

The good news is that there are many things that can be done to both prevent such from happening or at least slow down the process. Improved diet is at the top of the list. Next to this is the use of the Indian plant, Boswellia serrata.

Boswellia has been shown to neutralize  5-LOX effects.

Boswellisa has been shown to reduce inflammation as well as block the unwanted effects of  5-LOX. It is best used internally. It is moderately priced and can be found at most health stores. It comes in topical form as well, though this is not as effective. Used with substances such as Hgh Plus, it is an effective way to neutralize the  5-LOX enzyme and clear inflammation.