Activating Your Self Renewing Skin

Maintaining healthy skin involves many factors. The lungs, the organ which correlates with skin, must be kept strong and moist. Dry lungs will result in dry skin.

Healthy digestion also correlates with healthy skin. When the body cannot absorb the proper nutrition, problems can arise.

One of the most overlooked factors is the body’s ability to replace dead skin cells. This is a vital process of growth and self-renewal. It is dependent upon the activity of the epidermal stem cells.

These cells have been shown  to replace themselves about every 20 days in young people. Add another 10 days to middle aged individuals. After the age of 50, it dramatically declines.

Now for the good news. . . . . .

The rate of decline can be slowed dramatically or even reversal is possible. Researchers have found that when a certain substance is applied to the skin, it can stimulate the body’s natural stem cells of the skin.

The substance? Alpine rose. It is a natural substance that thrives in the Swiss Alps and Pyrenees mountains where it endures high altitudes, dry air and extreme cold. The plant’s ability to withstand such an environment may explain the reasons why is it so effective with skin improvement.

Consider this protocol:

– Alpine Rose. See above reasons.

Hgh Plus.  Stimulates growth hormone, another essential factor in skin improvement.

– A combination of Schizandra Berry and American Ginseng. This combination is excellent for dry lungs.

This protocol can go a long way to regeneration of the skin, particularly facial.