My Shoulders Now Work: Case History of Wobenzym N

I had been introduced to the supplement Wobenzym N about 18 years ago. Seeing that it was “only” an enzyme-based formulation, I did not think much of it at the time. We were already carrying enzymes from Standard Process which were (and still are) exceptional. Let me leave this aside for a second.

I started training in the martial art of Iaido (Japanese sword) about 6 months ago and thoroughly love it. At least most of it. What I noticed about 3 months ago was an increasing inflammation in my shoulders. It got so bad, I could hardly touch the top of my head. I went to a chiropractor for an adjustment and he promptly informed me that nothing can be done. Probably not a tear but definite ligament issues, which I was quite aware of. I did some Orthopedic Neurological Exam tests on my own and already know the diagnosis. The only treatment that was providing some relief was the acupuncture I would do on myself.  At least a portion of the pain was being controlled.

This is where you want to take notes. . . . .

Enter Wobenzym N.  I went to the health store and saw this (long-forgotten) product and was inspired to purchase it. After 3 days of taking the recommended 6-tabs-per-day (along with Hgh Plus), my right shoulder is 100% healed and my left is about 80%. Yes – 3 days with this combination! 

What is Wobenzym N?

As mentioned, this product features a number of enzymes. Once taken, all the enzymes work together to produce smaller chains of amino acids for quick and effective attainment of better health. Further tests and studies of the Wobenzym N led users to prove as well that it’s effective for treatment of various infections, digestive disorders, edema and even common ailments such as flu and colds. For all these great health benefits, Wobenzym N then has been considered the body’s vacuum cleaning power, particularly in the muscular and circulatory systems.

Side Effects

I have not noted any to date, but according to my research, there are some to be concerned about.

The most serious problem associated with Wobenzym N is the potential risk of an allergic reaction. The 2 protease enzymes found in Wobenzym N, papain and bromelain, are derived from papaya and pineapple. Trace amounts of these fruits may appear in Wobenzym N products and may cause allergic reactions in people with known allergies to either fruit.
Also, there are pharmaceutical drugs that will adversely interact with Wobenzym N. Wobenzym N may interact positively with some drugs; for example, it works in synergy with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) to decrease pain and inflammation. However, it may also cause serious complications if it is used incorrectly with certain drugs. Because of Wobenzym N’s potential anticoagulant effects, people taking blood-thinners like warfarin should avoid bromelain because of the potentially serious risk of hemorrhage. Additionally, Wobenzym N can cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure among people taking drugs designed to decrease symptoms of hypertension.

Overall, I am beyond thrilled with this substance and the combination of Hgh Plus and Wobenzym N.  Now if only my Iaido training would progress this quickly!


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