Vitamin D In the News Again

Having been in the field of Natural Medicine for 25 years now, I have seen the hype and the trends and the “Flavor of the month.” About 2 years ago, Vitamin D starting trickling into the news. Now it is the nutritional version of the Colorado River. Seemingly every week, something comes about Vitamin D.

After reading, testing on self, observing with patients and comparing notes with others, I have to say unlike say Calcium Pyruvate, this one is the real deal.

Case in point. In article in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, researchers reported an association between higher circulating levels of Vitamin D and a lower risk of pancreatic cancer.

451 subjects were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer matched with 2-3 cancer-free controls from the famous Women’s Health Study were analyzed. A decreasing risk of pancreatic cancer was associated with higher Vitamin D levels. Specifically, when participants whose levels were in the top 1/5 of subjects, a 33% reduction in said cancer was noted.

For those of us who are healthy, the implication here is that keeping the Vitamin D levels in the optimal range can assist the body in preventing major illnesses.