Follow Up: Movement is Medicine Seminar

Thank you to all who attended the Movement is Medicine lecture last week. We had a full house and it was very eventful. I am most grateful to all of you.

A short review:

  • You are influencers, influencing  your group of 10,000. What are you doing today to have an impact? Your group is desperate for your help.
  • Rush: “Half the world hates, what half the world does every day.” Not every one will be on board. You are a leader. Go forward anyway!
  • If you are not living with passion, you are living in shades of gray. Add color to your life and the lives others.
  • Rhodiola and Honey are great for endurance.
  • Did you participate in Shodo? If not, how is this showing up in your life and what will you do to adjust? To be an active participant?
  • Are you using your Dream (Index) Card 6x/day?
  • Improve the liver and you will improve vision.
  • Nature is a magnificent teacher. Bamboo and Pine are the great professors.
  • Remember your Kotodama. Are you speaking loving to self or others? Remember – your words are energy and your energy is a boomerang.
  • Key to weight training – 85 seconds time under tension
  • Key to cardio – 65% of max. Be careful of overtraining. (“I was sick to my stomach after training.” NOT a badge of honor. It is your body warning you.)
  • Better to BE IN THE POSITION to give than to receive. Be open to receiving as well!
  • When in doubt, Breathe!
  • If you are living in the past or the future, your life is a mess now. Now contains all.
  • Have you experienced Independence? Or are you still co-dependent, leaning on someone else. Go out on a limb. You will have to learn this at some time, be it 7 or 77.
  • Need help? ASK!
  • Live like DaVinci. Add some grit to the system.
  • Something as simple as water, pure water, can be an opportunity to experience gratitude.
  • Did you seize the moment? What will you say on your death bed? I was happy I experienced. . . .or I regret I did not. . . .
  • Think with the back of the mind. All is quiet there. It is also the home for inspiration.
  • Go for the gusto, particularly when you are at mile 25.
  • Unreasonable goals are easier to achieve. Less competition.
  • Compete something BIG. Celebrate – celebrate Christmas, your birthday, special days. These are the memories you will take with you.
  • Finally, quit complaining, start dreaming and lace up your shoes and go!!

I went on a long fast. . . and from this got very hungry.

I went on a firewalk. . .and got a blister.

I went to a board breaking seminar and broke 100’s of boards. . . and my knuckle.

I went on a marathon and learned to open up to others. All of the information I ever wanted could be found in 26.2 miles, right in front of me, unfolding one mile at a time.


How far along are you in your 30 Day Challenge??