Is This the “Cure” for Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is now the 6th leading cause of death in America. This horrible disease afflicts some 25-30 million people in the world and the numbers are growing at a disturbing rate. While there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s yet, researchers at MIT (MA Institute of Technology) offers exciting possibilities.

A group of scientists have discovered several correctable items involved in this disease. At  the top of the list is the mineral, Magnesium. Magnesium protects the brain’s structure against aging and improves its overall function. A new type of magnesium called Magnesium L-threonate has been found to rebuild reptured synapses and restore the degraded neuronal connections associated with this disease, and other problems associated with memory loss.

In various experiments, 18% improvements were noted in short term memory and 100% for long term memory, as well as enhanced cognitive performance in multiple tests.

As mentioned, there are no known cures but this substance may open the possibilities for significant improvements. . . . at least.