Wellness Warrior Code

If you want my opinion be prepared for my answer. I will be truthful and direct, but not mean-spirited in any way. I will not sugar-coat nor be politically correct. I have too much respect for you and care too deeply to provide this type of low energy. Remember, I am your ________ (friend, wife, husband etc.), not a cheerleader.

Others’ opinion of me matters not. I chose to follow my path, my Tao. Others are not privy to the massive amounts of details involved in my path. Nor I of their details, their Tao. I simply cannot be distracted by what others think I should be or should not be doing, or their opinion of me in any way. I have a mission and a finite amount of time.

I don’t care if you don’t like that I am a success. Or that I am healthy. Or thin. Or rich and abundant. Or anything else. Those are your issues. If you want to know how I became any of these, ask me. I would be honored to help.

Don’t give me advice ex post facto. Please give it when asked. If I ask, please give me direct, truthful feedback prior to me taking action. I value this. I appreciate this. It may or may not influence my overall decision.

Please refrain from giving advice or commentary after I have done said event. I would have done it this way” does not help me at all AFTER I did it. (By the way, you would not have done it that way. Otherwise, you would be the one who actually did it.)

No time for victimsLeave your excuses at the door. Life is short. The older I get, the more I appreciate the great gift of Time. As such, I do not want it filled with whining, complaining, protesting or any other negativity. If something happened to you in the past, deal with it. If you cannot, find someone who can help you. If you want to work hard to be “offended” by something, that is your choice. It is not mine. NOW is all that we have. I cannot waste another second of it.

No regrets. Regret is a deep wound that never seems to heal properly. Failure is merely a superficial scratch.

Don’t save the world. Clean your own house. Don’t tell me you are going to feed the whole world. There are hungry people a block away from you. Don’t tell me you are raising billions to cure cancer. Tell me you lost 20 pounds, started eating healthy and now even your kids are noticing the difference. Lead by example. It is the only sure-fire method that has ever proven impactful since time immemorial. Everything else is mainly a distraction.

If you can’t, find someone who can and learn from themWe live in the information age, the age where we are connected to virtually everything and everyone. If you want to improve in any shape or fashion, that is great. I support you completely. If you cannot do it yourself, there are countless willing and able to help. Find them.

Prepare, don’t depend. One of my favorite authors, Stuart Wilde calls this leaning into people.” When you are continually leaning into people, they get tired and little by little, you give away your self-reliance. Be strong. That is natural for you, for me, for all. Yes, you can.

It you have not given it your all, you have not given anything. Holding back? Waiting for the perfect time? When you have more? There is no perfect time.” If you are not doing it now, giving your all . . .what are you waiting for?! There are hundreds if not thousands of people waiting on you!

Yes – YOU!

There are only two “sins” in all of life:

  • Wasting time
  • Not participating