HGH and the Hypocrisy of Baseball Laws

Headlines today in Yahoo Sports featured an article about the procedure Alex Rodriguez from the NY Yankees underwent, based upon LA Laker star Kobe Bryant‘s recommendation. It involved blood centrifuge (spinning of the blood) and injecting it back into the affected area. It is an experimental treatment for osteoporosis.

The author among others was questioning the hypocrisy of this treatment with the way injectable HGH is viewed. One of the first lines of the article read. . . . “If HGH truly promoted healing when administered in safe doses by a doctor, not only did it belong off banned lists but it needed to be used as regular treatment in trainers’ rooms.” This is a statement I have been making this argument for years!

HGH, be it injectable or in all-natural formulas such as my Hgh Plus, when used properly, is safe and powerful way of healing and reversing aging. The alleged problems caused by the injectable form have not come from the substance per se; rather, it is the abuse of it. It is the “If ONE is good, let’s try 12” mentality.

Major league baseball doctors and health providers use a laundry list of substances that although legal, have an equally long, laundry list of side effects and other major problems. Such substances include cortisone (major liver damage), painkillers (again, liver and addiction issues) and various sedatives. Need I mention alcohol?!

The hypocrisy involved in professional sports is a bit much — giving one’s blessings to substances known to cause problems and ban a safe, healing substance such as HGH (and others like DHEA) and herein lies the problem. Some people who would greatly benefit from this type of therapy are now avoiding it due to the misinformation presented by the media, ESPN in particular as well as the major sports governing bodies. So needless suffering continues. Health problems increase. Costs continue to spiral.

Rough price to pay for hypocrisy.