Top 8 Things to Avoid in 2012

8. Microwaves. Linked to cancers. Read about the popcorn / microwave / cancer connection.


7. Reality TV. Some of the most disturbing showed featuring the most unstable, unhealthy individuals are on shows entitled “reality” which have little to do with reality.


Find something. . . .anything. . . .better to do with your time. Turn off the TV and get active. Learn something new. Become the person your best friend knows you can be.


6. Uggs. Aside from their hideous appearance, do you know how these things are made? The skin is taken from a breed of dog called raccoon dog. They are then held up roughly by a back leg as their fur is literally pulled from their bodies. The process if agonizingly slow and the cries of unimaginable pain coming from the poor animals is the stuff nightmares are made of.

After suffering such appalling abuse the skinned, raw, bleeding animals are thrown, still alive onto a heap to die a slow painful death. You cannot even begin to imagine the pain and trauma they die in…eventually.

Still think these shoes are worth it?


5. Hover Round. Obesity is continuing to become THE major health issue of our time. It is bankrupting our health care system as well.


So let’s create a device whereby obese individuals can use even less energy and do less exercise. Instead of walking, sit in a motorized vehicle and push a button to get around.


(If you have an actual handicap, that is a different story.)


4. Kindle. This is the main thing that killed Borders. Barnes and Noble will eventually follow unfortunately. Probably this year.


There was always something special about the sound of a new (physical) book being opened for the first time. The smell of the paper. Reading was a whole body, feeling experience. Yes, Kindle and its off-shoots are convenient but we are giving up so much of the whole experience for just one factor.


Want to help the economy. Buy a real book and read it.


Side Note: It will be interesting to see what effects “wireless” has on the eyes, nervous system and overall health down the road.

3. Texting. The questions are endless. How many more car accidents due to driving and texting will have to occur before this matter is addressed? What is so important that people are starring at their phones while in Publix and places like that?


Kindle is leading to the destruction of the book industry and texting is leading to the destruction of the English language.


2. Non profits. On the surface, this one seems not to fit at all. Dig a little deeper or as Bill Gates always recommends, “follow the money. . . .” So many of these “non-profits” are either scams or huge, profitable businesses. In fact, if they actually “cure” XYZ disease, the entire organization would no longer be needed. Many would be out of a job. Millions of dollars would no longer be coming in.


Also, there are seemingly endless numbers of ribbons and rubber bands and other trinkets. Do you even know what they mean anymore?


What was once a great idea has become an over-bloated, indistinguishable system. A grain of sand on the beach, one looking like the other.

1. 24 hour news. The business of negativity. Every minute of every day, a bunch of new channels endless bombard their viewers’ psyche with murder, disease, war and other “upbeat” information. And that is just the half of it.


Instead of reporting the news, they now create and influence the news. If they want someone elected, for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, they will pound away at the opponent and prop their guy. Or worse, simply ignore them.


Turn off the news. Your co-worker or neighbor or something will let you know if an emergency happens. Other than that, who needs the constant hammering away with such negativity.