Movement Is Medicine Lecture

You undoubtedly have attended lectures and workshops before. But nothing like this one.

On Tuesday,  January 31st at 7pm, I will be doing a lecture entitled, “Movement Is Medicine.” It is an interactive, informative and inspirational talk designed to assist the participant in finding their passion and following thorough with it. Some of the topics will include:

  • How movement can assist you in creating greater financial abundance
  • The tastiest herb for vision
  • Kotodama, what it is and why everything you say really matters
  • Fire breathing
  • DaVinci and how his approach can work in your life

We will be giving away free gifts along the way as well as one of the most powerful task you will ever do in your life.

At the end of the lecture, you will have completed a marathon — 26.2 miles — without ever taking a step.

CLICK HERE to Sign up now as there are only 3 slots left.


Dr. David Orman

Creator of Hgh Plus