The Bottom 3

This time, we are going to take a little different twist. We will look at supplements that, based on studies and clinical usage, do not make the grade. Here are the “bottom” 3:

1. Calcium Pyruvate. Calcium Pyruvate has some evidence of increased insulin sensitivity, fat loss, and lipid lowering effects. The evidence is not strong for any of its reported effects to put it mildly. Most human studies show no effect. In studies that did show an effect on weight, the results were not impressive. Doses used were bulky: 6-44gm Pyruvate (that’s just Pyruvate, not Calcium Pyruvate). 6gm Pyruvate was shown to be somewhat effective when combined with exercise, though the effect is probably due to exercise.

Even if pyruvate ingestion leads to weight loss, the required doses are too high, expensive, and impractical to consume or a regular basis.

2. Chitosan (pronounced “Kite-o-san”). This product, in my opinion was a disaster from day one. It is made from shellfish and is supposed to keep your body from digesting fat. A new study from U. of CA at Davis disputes these claims, warning that chitosan is useless for weight loss. You would need to take 10 caps per day for 7 months in order to lose ONE pound, according to the researchers. In addition, chitosan has been linked to removing useful mineral and trace minerals.

3. Melatonin. I want to like melatonin. The story behind it is interesting and the idea is very creative.

However, the research behind this substance did not take my feelings into consideration. A new US Dept. of Health and Human Services study found that melatonin does not help people fall asleep any faster and does not improve the quality of sleep once you enter dream world. There are so many substances available that are anywhere from good to outstanding for a variety of ailments and for prevention. Unfortunately, the aforementioned are not in this category.

Bottom line. . . .look for products like Hgh Plus products that have clinical trials, safety data, a long history of success and a Seal of Approval. You are assured of safety and the greatest opportunity for improved health and fitness.