The Fine Art of Letting Go: It’s a Spleen Thing

Go look in your closet. How many shirts do you still have that you will never wear, but steadfastly refuse to get rid of? 

Are you still holding on to that grudge? You know it was over 7 years ago. . . . 

Those last 10 pounds. You found a way to burn off the first 20 or 30. Why not the last 10?

Ever have experiences like this? You hold on to things or feelings, the way a squirrel clutches an acorn. Come too close and it is bye-bye finger. What is going on here? How did this happen?

There are many answers but at the top of the list is a weakness of the spleen. The spleen is an organ responsible for many physiological functions. They include:

1. Manufacture of blood.

2. Assistance with immunity.

3. Controlling the muscles.

4. Housing thought.

5. Transforming and transporting of food. What this means is that the spleen helps extract and separate nutrition from food versus waste, sending each to approach areas.

At the top of the list is the spleen’s ability to hold on to things. . . be it fat or thought. One reason for those last 10 pounds is that the spleen is weak. One reason for those repetitive thoughts is that the spleen is weak. Holding on to that moth-eaten shirt? You know why.

The substances that weaken the spleen are dairy and excessive intake of sugar. It is also one of the (probably THE) reason for weight gain, particularly the latter. Americans consume 22 teaspoons of sugar per day on average! Most nutrition experts think the maximum should be around 4 or 5 per day. Women even less.


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