No Zest for Life? Nourish the Heart

Ever meet someone who has no zip? No motivation to taste the delectable flavors that Mother Life has to offer?

Are you one of those people?

Fear not. Dust off your road bike, running shoes, paint brushes or guitar under your bed and get ready to experience life as an active participant, not a passionless observer.

The organ that is responsible for adding color and charm to life is the Heart. First some background information that you may not know about this special organ.

Oriental medicine refers to it as the Emperor. Natural Medicine views this as 50% of the immune system. Art and literature see this as the source of love and compassion. We call it the heart which is considered to be the most important of all the internal organs. Its functions include the following:

1. Governs the blood. The heart is the major organ that circulates the blood throughout the 70,000 miles of blood vessels (yes, that is seventy thousand miles). (The lungs are the second.)

2. Controls the blood vessels. The state of the heart’s energy is reflected in the state of the blood vessels. If strong, the vessels will be in good shape and the pulse will be strong and steady. Frequent bruising point to a heart weakness. 3. The heart is said to manifest in the complexion. Since one of the heart’s functions is to distribute the blood throughout the body, the state of the heart can be viewed in the complexion.

If the blood is abundant and the heart strong, the complexion will be viewed as rosy and lustrous. If deficient, the face will be pale. If stagnant, the complexion will be purplish or even blue.

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