More Information About Hgh and Hgh Plus™

With all of the facts and information from the world of anti aging, experts agree that  Hgh Plus™ is clearly the choice for people interested in safety and effectiveness in an hGH product. Why?

Hgh Plus™ is a Releaser, by far the safest category of products. Dr. Orman’s formula has all of the advantages of releasers and addresses all of the potential disadvantages:

  • Proper and safe dosages of the all-natural ingredients are included
  • The processing method is revolutionary and allows for safe and effective utilization of all of the ingredients to elevate human growth hormone levels. This processing method is only found in Dr. Orman’s formula from DMI.
  • Total and complete support from an expert in the field.

KEYS: When searching for an HGH company (or any quality nutritional company), one must look for the following:

  • Extensive history. How long have they been in business
  • Are they following the 10 Guidelines? (click here for more information
  • Be sure Expert MEDICAL person (s) are on staff, not just sales persons
  • Was the formula designed by a nutritional expert/doctor?
  • Do they have the Certificate of Analysis?
  • Do they have Safety Data?
  • Have they run clinical trials on the product?
  • Do they post their address and phone number. Avoid those who use a Post Office Box address and just an 800# or other toll free number without an address.
  • Look for a Quality Seal such as the Seal of Approval.
  • Are they using an FDA approved laboratory?

ALL of these questions should be answered with a resounding YES.

With Hgh Plus™, all questions ARE answered with a resounding YES!  

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Hgh Plus™ has:

An extensive history of over 13 successful years as a BEST SELLER.

Followed the 10 Guidelines perfectly.

Have medical experts on staff.

Designed by a nutritional expert.

Has the Certificate of Analysis and Safety data.

Post our physical address and phone and fax numbers.

Has a Quality Seal.

Uses an FDA approved lab.