Your Expert Guide to HGH Formulas

When looking to buy HGH, key information is needed. The anti-aging information listed below will clarify what is available and help you make the most appropriate choice. Dr. David Orman is an expert in this field and will happily serve as your Expert Educational Guides.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone Classifications

There are 4 basic “classes” of human growth hormone products. They are as follows:

1. The actual human growth hormone injection. This is available ONLY by prescription from an M.D.

Advantages:The major advantage to this is that HGH will get into your blood stream quickly.

Disadvantages: The cost is prohibitive for most people, ranging from $800 up to $4000 or more per month. It is by injection only. In addition, when the body depends upon an outside source of a hormone, the gland responsible for production of the hormone, has a tendency to atrophy or shutdown. This can be potentially dangerous.

NOTE: Who should be taking this form of human growth hormone? Individuals over the age of 70 with very low hGH levels. As an expert in this area, we support this use in these instances only.

Conclusion: Unless levels are extremely low and one is over 70, use the recommended method below.

2. Homeopathic. This is a micro-dose of growth hormone itself, prepared by vigorously shaking (a simple process called “percussing”) and is given in a tiny dose — 0.0025% of the normal amount in the body. (For additional details, Click Here.)

Advantages: It is less expensive than prescription GH and often comes in a painless spray form and can be be fun and entertaining to mist or spray around. The mist is easy to use and rather fun to spray.

Disadvantages: There is no data to suggest homeopathic growth hormone works to any degree. A recent letter written by a medical expert from UCLA and published in the L.A. Times, clearly stated that this way of preparing GH is “useless.” This idea has been reiterated time and again in professional journals as well as experienced, reputable clinicians throughout the world.

In addition to preparing growth hormone, the binders and fillers are also prepared, making this potentially dangerous for long term use. The body does not need additional toxins and is always working to get rid of them. Human growth hormone is a large molecule and will not pass through the membranes in the mouth. It is very unstable and breaks down in the mouth before ever reaching the blood stream with sprays.

Sprays are an ineffective means of delivery. For more information, please click here.

Conclusion: Useless and potentially dangerous as stated in many places by many experts, including us. Simply avoided. There is a much safer and more effective means.

As someone who has studies homeopathic medicine for a long time, Dr. David Orman can safely say that Homeopathic HGH is ineffective. I have used this style of medicine (homeopathy) for years and if done correctly, homeopathics can be effective. How?

Only one way — individualizing treatment.

One size fits all homeopathics is low level “medicine” and a waste of money. In addition, when you choose the WRONG remedy, symptoms can worsen. Do you want to roll the dice and take a chance like that?!

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