More Misinformation about HGH from the NFL

Here was the latest from Fox’s announcer and former NFL great Chris Collinsworth.

If human growth hormone or some other performance-enhancing drug would help Peyton Manning’s nerves regenerate and heal his neck, would you be against the NFL’s top player using it/them?

Think about it.

I’m just talking hypothetically. I don’t have any reason to believe HGH or any other steroid would help Manning’s recovery. But who knows, maybe they would? If so, would you be outraged if he used them to save his career, save his season?


First, let’s go ahead and correct the glaring error. HGH is NOT a steroid. It is a naturally occurring substance produced by the pituitary gland. It is the substance that allows us to literally, grow. At around the age of 30, levels start to decrease. This is also when the signs and symptoms of aging begin. When levels are brought to optimum, these signs and symptoms either slow down, stop or reverse. It is done by safe, natural means such as Hgh Plus. It is completely legal. Always has been.


The second glaring error is this: WHY is a football player who obviously has zero knowledge on the subject, being interviewed as if he is an expert?

This happens frequently not only with Fox but CNN, ESPN and the other alphabet soup networks. They interview athletes who are great a catching footballs but have no medical training, as act as if they are the experts.

It is irresponsible and misleading to say the very least. There are people who actually believe this nonsense. Some are the ones in dire need of HGH treatments, or other natural ones! Yet, they are turned off by the “experts” who make irresponsible, inaccurate comments like Collinsworth.

Substances such as pain killers or cortisone are routinely given to athletes. The list of known short and long term side effects is daunting and disturbing. From liver damage to cancer, the side effects are a laundry list long, yet are somehow, allowed.

Apparently, so is hypocrisy.