The Tao of Goal Setting

Taoism reflects nature; that is, Nature is viewed as one’s teacher and if you follow Her lead, things work out extremely well. Case in point – goal setting.

Historically, I have methodically written out goals in great deal, complete with specific numbers, percentages and precise plans from getting to Point B from Point A. It works many times, albeit with a tremendous amount of stress and angst attached to it, often making the results themselves seem quite anti-climactic. It was not so much a joy to achieve the goal as a deep-seated relief at not having to deal with them anymore. Not quite the jocular moment now is it.

Just as I was about to re-re-re do my goals (and thus test Einstein’s definition of insanity being doing the same thing and expecting different results), I notice a stream of recently fallen rain weaving itself into a mini river in the parking lot outside my gym. Regardless of what was in its way, the rain water continued to move in a natural direction, taking with it leaves or rocks that were in the way. Effortless effort or Wu Wei as it is known in Taoism.

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