Spleen and How it is Vital to Fat Loss

When you think of fat loss, the Spleen is probably not one of the topics that jumps to mind first. However, it should be at the top of the list.

In Natural (and Oriental) medicine,  the Spleen is the major organ involved with  digestion; specifically, its function is “transformation” and “transportation” of food. What that basically means is that the Spleen extracts the useful nutrition from the waste and assists the body in moving it to the various organs, glands and other areas where nutrition is needed.

The stronger your Spleen function is, the better you are able to extract nourishment from any food. When you eat, the question is not so much whether a particular food is really good for you but rather how well your Spleen can extract the nourishment from it. As such, the initial phase of any fat loss, weight loss or body re-design program should be to strengthen the spleen.

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