The Best Social Media Ever!

Via my company and personally, we have been very involved with the social media process. Here are some numbers to verify my statement:

Yes, these have helped quite a bit in terms of growing aware of my services and products, especially our featured one – Hgh Plus. It has helped open doors to people in others countries, other companies and individuals.
Is social media here to stay?
No. Nothing lasts forever and things are always changing. As such, social media will evolve, grow, “detox” and look much differently than it is now. This is the pattern that is here to stay. . . with one HUGE exception.
In the end, the greatest “social media” is the oldest social media — direct contact with people. It is becoming a lost art. The irony is we have more ways of connecting with more people and many are losing the ability to establish rapport and a friendship with individuals.
I had 2 simple reminders this week. This morning, I returned a phone call from a gentleman from Indiana who had several questions about the product and other health issues. He was grateful and . . . . very surprised  — not surprised by the information, but surprised that I returned his call and did so promptly. Not surprisingly, he is now an Hgh Plus distributor.
My martial arts school is experiencing a boom like never before. This is in spite of the horrible economy which everyone is (too) quick to point out. One of the major reasons is that I have established a strong friendship with the only martial arts supply store (owners) in town.  I have given him product, my book and a lot of information. He in return has made a significant number of referrals to my school. One of the side effects is that we have become trusted friends.
At the end of the day, there is nothing more impactful than establishing a person relationship. Be genuinely interested in the individual. Befriend them if there is a connection.  Talk face to face. Let everyone know you are a real person, not a tweet. A caring human who is interested in them, a caring human.
No amount of computer based social media will ever match this.