Just the Facts

The most common question from people regarding HGH is:

“There is so much interesting yet confusing and contradictory information about hGH. How do I choose what is right for me and my family?”

When looking to buy HGH, key information is needed. The anti-aging information listed below will clarify what is available and help you make the most appropriate choice. We are experts in this field and will happily serve as your Expert Educational Guides.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone Classifications

There are 4 basic “classes” of human growth hormone products. They are as follows:

1. The actual human growth hormone injection. This is available ONLY by prescription from an M.D.

Advantages: The major advantage to this is that HGH will get into your blood stream quickly.

Disadvantages: The cost is prohibitive for most people, ranging from $800 up to $4000 or more per month. It is by injection only. In addition, when the body depends upon an outside source of a hormone, the gland responsible for production of the hormone, has a tendency to atrophy or shutdown. This can be potentially dangerous.

NOTE: Who should be taking this form of human growth hormone? Individuals over the age of 70 with very low hGH levels. As an expert in this area, we support this use in these instances only.

Conclusion: Unless levels are extremely low and one is over 70, use the recommended method below.

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