Jumping Across the Gap

Ever wonder how far you have to go to find insight or inspiration? For me it was 8 miles.
Last Friday started out as a rather ordinary day. Up early and out the door to do an 8 mile run. Normally this would be Saturday’s activity but we had a full day Systema training on Saturday.


I wanted to address the gap; that is, that space that existed between actively pursuing a dream and actually achieving it. For too long now, I was living in the gap. Yes, I achieved some of what I desired but I also know that I am capable of much more. In addition, I was putting forth so much effort that this amount was far exceeding the results. When this imbalance is present, I know something is amiss.
Some where around mile 4, between the sounds of the cardinals and the dripping of sweat into my eyes, I opened the door to Inspiration. Inspiration has a very distinct, indescribable feeling. It surrounds me like a loving embrace yet has a much higher vibration. Its voice is equally distinct – like someone whispering a secret.


Some time between embrace and a whisper the realization of the gap was made conscious. The gap is that sliver of a space that is easily overlooked but acts like a black hole, sucking in all of the valuable energy needed by Achievement. It also creates an infinite loop of sorts. I was finding myself identifying a goal or a dream, getting extremely excited. . . . thoroughly enjoying the planning. . . . beginning . . . .going to nearly the end. . . only to drop back either several steps or sometimes, right to the beginning.

  • Establish goal.
  • Take action
  • Go up the slide.
  • Drop back.
  • Repeat.
It was a sequence that always seemed to end up with frustration, disappointment and confusion. Everything seemed perfect — the dream was real, the motivation is near an issue so what??


The answer was the commitment. Yes I was committed but committed more to the active pursuit than to the actual achievement itself.
That little shift that makes a huge difference. Move the flashlight over a couple of inches and the target is clearly seen.

I have already notices changes. My Systema school is BOOMING like never before. Business is really picking up. Everything is falling into place with 1/4 the effort and 400% the rewards.  Most of all, I have never felt so confident and happy as I do now. I am living as if my goals and dreams are in the present.


Movement is the ultimate medicine.