The Fine Art of Letting Go

Undoubtedly, you have heard of the phrase “Letting go. . . .” What exactly does this mean and how does one go about doing this? It seems to be of utmost importance. The most successful and most advanced people in the world (and throughout history) have been masters of the art of letting go.

Personally, this has been an issue of confusion and often frustration. I am a person of action and the concept of “letting go” was akin to quitting, a word which I do not allow in my life.

Recently, I am realizing that the 2 are not synonymous, nor related to any degree. Quitting is checking out at the moments of difficulty, forsaking the joy of attainment. Letting go is often the final phase of completion, the last step of crossing the finish line.

I am practicing letting go by simply removing it from my consciousness. If it decides to return, I offer no resistance. Resistance seems to be the fuel on which it feeds. Without food, it simply leaves in search of other food sources.

Letting go is powered by belief, the knowing that what one wishes or desires will come to fruition at the right time and in the right way. Spend enough time wearing the cloak of belief, then let go and manifestation will surely follow.