How to Boost Cognition in Women

Over the past 2 decades or more, a niche science has been emerging called “Psychopharmacology.” Of course it has been around much longer than 20 years but during this short window of time, nutritional supplements have made a strong impact in the mix.  A number of progressive doctors and therapist in the field of psychology/psychiatry  have recognized that emotional challenges can be corrected or at least  improved when nutrition is optimized. Drugs are more often masking agents, not agents of lasting change.

Recently a study showed that Citicoline, a naturally occurring substance found in the brain and liver and marketed as a nutritional supplement, enhanced aspects of cognition in healthy women and may have a role in mitigating the cognitive decline associated with normal aging, new research suggests.

It may also improve the attention deficits associated with psychiatric disorders.

If a female has had a stroke, head trauma(s) or even some psychiatric disorders, this inexpensive, safe natural substance can be of great benefit.

Side Note: This study was done only with women but it is reasonable to conclude similar effects could be anticipated with men, though this has not been studied yet.

Also a high percentage of Hgh Plus users have reported significant cognitive and emotionally based improvements after use of this formula. Unlike minerals or vitamins for example, herbs are known to have an impact on the emotions themselves. This formula has a significant number of herbs which impact all aspects of the body, mind and spirit.