Which Ear?

I have a post-love for track workouts; that is, the tremendous feelings of accomplishment along with the innumerable physical benefits far outweigh the temporary, albeit extreme strain of this style of training.

Today was the completion of workout number 42 and it was the oddest to date. In each of the prior ones, I had training partners. Though they were on their own mission and doing their own runs, it was both comforting and motivating to participate with others. Just when I think I am near the end of the rope, I could always sneak a  peek at others, see how much effort they are putting forth and find a way to dig deeper within to find the extra push to complete my mission. It is a positive peer pressure of sorts.

The first three quarters of most workouts are the easier portion, at least from a mental standpoint. Today was no exception. It is always that last section that causes the expansion of self-imposed limited. It is not so much pushing the boundaries as running straight through them and then keep on going. These feelings and thoughts are amplified when going solo.

It feels like there is a raven sitting on my right shoulder and one on my left shoulder. The one on my right is whispering, “Keep going. You have what it takes” while the raven on the left is shouting, “Quit now. It is too hard.”

At moments like this, I ask myself only one question: Which ear have you trained yourself to listen with?