As many as 43 million people in the USA have some form of arthritis or joint inflammation. It is a major cause of lost work and can be very debilitating for others. Although it mostly affects adults, children can be affected as well.

The word arthritis is derived from “arthro” which means joint and “itis” which inflammation. A joint is where the ends of 2 or more bones meet. The bone ends of a joint are covered with a smooth material called cartilage which cushions the bone and allows for mobility of the joint itself. The joint is enclosed by a fibrous envelope called the synovium which produces a fluid, reducing the friction and wear in the joint. Ligaments connect the bones and keep the joint stable.

Muscles and tendons provide the power source so to speak, enabling movement. As the joint deteriorates due to injury, poor nutrition or over and/or under use, a painful swelling and inflammation occurs in the socket region. If not addressed properly, the cartilage covering the bone ends gradually wears away. This in turn increases friction and thus, inflammation occurs.

This is known as osteoarthritis. The second type of arthritis is referred to as rheumatoid arthritis. This is a long lasting disease in which the joint lining swells, invading surrounding tissues and produces chemical substances which attack and destroy the joint surface. The most commonly affected areas are the hands and feet and over 70% of the cases are in individuals 30 years of age or older.

Natural treatments for the aforementioned can be rather effective in controlling symptoms but no known “cure” is available. The most common protocols are as follows:

For Osteoarthritis:

  • High doses of flaxseed oil
  • Multi-minerals and trace minerals with added manganese and magnesium
  • Small amount of iron –
  • High doses of Vitamin B12

For Rheumatoid:

** It has been hypothesized that Rheumatoid is caused by either a virus or over consumption of pork and/or ham.


A vegetarian based diet is ideal in this case.


  • Immuplex from Standard Process
  • Ligaplex II also from S.P.
  • Hgh Plus