Choosing the Ideal HGH Formula: Part 4, Homeopathic HGH

This is a continuation of the series, “How to Choosing the Ideal HGH Formula.” This part will focus on whether or not HGH in homeopathic form is useful or useless.

What about “pure HGH” or the so-called “real” homeopathic hGH?

FACT: There are virtually NO data showing homeopathic HGH or human growth hormone to have any positive effect whatsoever. A health report in the LA Times summed up homeopathic HGH as “useless.”

One of the many reasons is that “pure” homeopathic HGH formulas are not pure. Companies also process binders and fillers with the homeopathic HGH. What effect these toxins have in your system, no one knows.

Homeopathy is one area of natural medicine that we have researched in detail. (Dr. Orman has used homeopathy and taught various courses on the subject at the college level.) We strongly support the use of Classical Homeopathy.

It only works by using this strategy:

  1. identify a symptom or problem
  2. gather details about the individual (very specific information that is unique to the person)
  3. find the ONE and only one specific remedy that matches the person.

If you choose the wrong remedy, it will not work or can make the problem(s) worse.

As you can clearly see, the one-size-trying-to-fit-all approach is a failure.

For example, a male with a sore throat that is burning would receive a completely different remedy than a female with a sore throat that is mostly dry. The key is the Person, NOT the remedy. Based upon these proven principles, one can easily see that the “one size fits all” homeopathic hGH violates classical homeopathic principles and would be useless as the experts have stated.

Hgh Plus™ contains adaptogenic herbs as its primary anti aging ingredients. Adaptogenic herbs mean just what the name implies — they adapt to what the body needs. For example, if one person is blood deficient, the adaptogenics can help the body produce normal blood levels. If another person is hormonally imbalanced, the adaptogenics can help the body balance the hormonal system. They literally do what YOUR body requires at the time.

Benefit to You: Personalized care from experts in the anti aging field. None of the wasteful and potentially dangerous “one size fits all” homeopathic approach.