Canine Inspiration

Prior to my Shodo class in the city of Celebration yesterday afternoon, I was walking around in the downtown area and came across a store that sells dog supplies. From toys to unique foods, they cover the whole spectrum. I initially debated whether I should go in or not. To say I am extremely fond of my dog is the ultimate understatement and really liked this store but they are rather expensive. We had to deal with a ridiculous tax bill recently, Visa charges were just around the corner and a couple of other gems were in waiting.  Our dog, Lightning,  already gets organic food and has a ton of toys. The timing was not the best.

I took 2 steps and stopped in my tracks thinking, “Dogs have such a short life. I want to make them as happy as possible for as long as they are here.”

Before I could even complete the internal dialog, a thought shot across the radar. Am I talking about my dog or is God talking about me (us)?