Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, the 24 hour period whereby we focus on our dear Mother Earth. As with other meaningful days, the impact of today varies among individuals. Some will host a rally. Others will post pictures on Facebook. Still others are not even aware and will go about their routine.

The most meaningful outcomes will be from those who will take some action today. It might be dramatic such as the group in San Diego who are 100 people strong, going to the beach to clean up the area. For others, it might be the simple act of picking up a strewn newspaper, carelessly tossed to the side. In all instances, some individual is taking action. In the great words of Ben Franklin, “Well done is better than well said. “

We are at a point in history where “they” is you; that is, “they will do it” or “they will take action” not longer works. (Did it ever?) Each of us must become the point of change, the individual who through living an exemplary life makes the difference.

We do not need a miracle. We have already been given a miracle – the ability to see an issue and take action to correct it.

There is a small canal with plastics and paper in it, right next to my house. I will take the 20 minutes or so to clean it.

It’s time to be a part of the big miracle!