Acknowledgement for Wellness Warriors

One of the greatest gifts we humans have been given is the ability to learn from our mistakes.

A few years ago, I wrote a number of posts regarding a running shoe company that would repeatedly write rather ignorant, sophomoric advertising. Whether “right” or “wrong,” it was an error to reply. Quantum physics, martial arts and spiritual practices make it very clear that where we focus our mind and thoughts, our energies go to said place. Protests and “anti-anything” groups are a waste of quality energy and counter-productive. A better strategy would be to focus on bring the attention to what I wanted. In this case, it was to acknowledge all runners, not just the elite.

Now I will take that opportunity.

To the elite runners, I admire your skill and level of accomplishment. You set the bar so high, yet continually push to go beyond it. You are wonderful examples of raw determination.

To the middle-of-the-pack runners, I respect your drive and willingness to find every last ounce of energy and use it. You find a way to balance your personal dreams while often helping others along the path. You are wonderful examples of what it is to assist other people AND achieve your own goals.

To the slower runners, I respect your pure grit. You may not have the legs, but you certainly have the heart. You push and plod and regardless of internal or external obstacles, find a way to go one step past the finish line. You are wonderful examples of how having a backbone trumps ability.

To the walkers, strollers, sauntering moms with babies, ambling guys with their dogs and everyone in between, you are doing it. You are part of the wellness movement. You may or may not have any interest in doing a marathon or even may not even know how far a 10K is, but you are taking action. You are wonderful examples of what the human body is designed to do — move with passion and purpose, experiencing every ounce of fun along the way.

To all, You are the individuals leading the Wellness Movement. You have given up your martinis and excuses for a pair of Asics and have become the leaders of change. You are not waiting for a bill to pass or a new pill to be created. You are the creators and people notice. Some ask and a few dig deeply and find the courage to join you, the Wellness Warriors.


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