Key of Consistency

One of the many things that I admire about my wife, Lisa, is that from the very beginning, she never pretended to be less, so that I could be more. Instead, if there was an area that I needed to improve upon, it was up to me to work hard to reach the level where  she was consistently living.  Then and only then could we communicate truthfully and fully appreciate living at the same level together.   She was among many other things, very consistent.

She,  like all successful people,  maintains a belief system that is in complete alignment with her actions.   For example,  she desires to learn guitar and knows that practice is the means to achieving this skill.   So  she takes weekly lessons along with 2 hours (at least) of daily practice,  no exceptions.

Lisa’s belief system is set for success.   She also celebrates the accomplishments of others as if they were her own.   I see so many others who, for example, berate an athlete who signs a big contract or they find pleasure when a politician bellows how they will “punish the rich with higher taxes.” These are simple examples of internal conflicts (envy, jealousy)  that are stopping them  from achieving the levels of success that are already available to them.

So how does one become so consistent?

Be present and quit listening to your “victim stories.”    Everyone has a story.   If you continually listen to your stories and continue to live through them you will get no where.    Instead, write a new empowering story, based on the present moment and you too can experience the health, wealth and abundance that is waiting for you.

It takes work.   It takes effort, focus and most of all,  it takes consistency.

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