Magnesium Protects Women

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, greater intake of magnesium (and thus higher plasma magnesium levels) are associated with lower risks of sudden cardiac death in women. Long known for its anti-arrhythmic properties, magnesium’s relationship with sudden cardiac death is now coming to the forefront.

Researchers examined dietary intake from over 88,000 women enrolled in this study. During 26 years of follow ups, those with optimal levels of magnesium levels had less than 1/5 the number of sudden cardiac death cases compared to women with lower levels of magnesium.

These findings suggest that increasing magnesium may protect women against this horrible syndrome by preventing abnormal heart rhythms.

There are many different types of magnesium on the market. Based on my 20 plus years of experience in natural medicine, the ideal forms are:

– Magnesium Lactate

– Magnesium Citrate

The latter can be found at health stores. Magnesium Lactate can be order HERE.

Typical dosage is 400mg daily. Ideally it should be taken at night as it helps aid in deep sleep.