Reduce Diabetes Risk With This One Substance. . . .and its Tasty!

It has become a part of my daily protocol for a number of reasons:

  • It helps to stabilize blood sugar, which is excellent across the board and especially for athletes
  • It aid in digestion and thus in the absorption of nutrients
  • It warms the core and even though I live it Florida, it has been a brisk winter.
  • And yes, I really like the taste.

Now we can add another benefit to the list. According to a new study lead by the US Department of Agriculture, this substance in an extract form, helps reduce the risk factors associated with diabetes and heart disease (published in the J Am Coll Nutr: 2009, 28: 16-21).

What is this substance? This one you ALL know. . . . Cinnamon.

Cinnamon extract has antioxidant compounds, which is what is believed to be responsible for the lowering of risk factors mentioned above.

Cinnamon has been one of the major substances used in the Materia Medica (this is the HUGE book that contains information regarding specific herbs. It is about the size of the NYC phone book.) Aside from its warming properties, it strengthens virtually all organs, the Kidneys in particular. In natural medicine, once the kidneys are strengthened, the entire system is strengthened by default.

There are several types of Cinnamon. The Saigon Cinnamon is considered to be the most effective to stabilize blood sugar and other benefits. The full name is “Cinnamonum loureiroi” or more commonly known as Vietnamese Cinnamon.

Sprinkle it on, grind it yourself or take it in extract form (careful of the dosage; more is NOT better in this case). It is a tasty addition and will add to your health!


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Dr. David Orman


2 thoughts on “Reduce Diabetes Risk With This One Substance. . . .and its Tasty!

  1. If you are taking the extract (either liquid or tablet), 2.5g is the max, although 1.5 divided equally between meals (500mg per meal) is typically ideal for most people.’

    Above 2.8-3g is NOT recommended unless under supervision.

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