Eating According to the 5 Elements Diet Information

Diet pills? Diet gadgets? Too many diet books? Confused about what and when and how much to eat? Not getting the results you want, need and expect?

Dr. David Orman has released the definitive guide to eating with the educational CD entitled “Eating According to the 5 Elements.”
On this CD, clear and easy to understand information is presented about WHO should be eating WHAT types of food and WHICH should be avoided.

On this exciting CD, you will hear diet information including:

+ How the heart plays THE major role with health and which substances will provide optimal diet and nutrition for it and its role. . . in the Immune System.

+ When to do a detox and when it should be avoided.

+ How we actually “think” with our Spleen and the solution to forgetfulness, confused thoughts or muddled thinking.

+ How common problems such as digestive disturbances, headaches, fatigue and allergies can be addressed by diet and eating the precise types of foods. And avoiding the wrong ones.

+ A solid, easy to use Supplement Program based on your chemistry.

+ And much more diet, exercise and optimal life information

This CD is a must for anyone interested in maximizing their health, understanding diet and increasing their overall wellness and health.

Click here and ORDER NOW. Your health is worth it.