2011: Year of the Hero

Far too long has the victim been celebrated, coddled and “needlessly nursed”. If you don’t take responsibility for your actions, that is fine. Someone else will — your spouse, friend, neighbor, government. Someone else will pay the bill.

It stops now. 2011 is the Year of the Hero.

Who is the Hero?

Commit now to taking 1 minute to follow these instructions to the letter. Ready?

1. Look in the mirror. Serious, get up and walk over to a mirror and take a look.

2. Now take a “mental snapshot” of the person you see in the mirror.

The person in the mirror is the Hero. The Hero is you and me and anyone who is passionate and desiring to take life on and live it to the fullest. Yes, I realize we are in a tougher than normal time period. It may last longer than expected, certainly longer than desired. That is why more than ever, a Hero – YOU – are needed!

What is a Hero?

A hero is like anyone else, except they last 10 minutes longer than ordinary. Or are willing to go to one more class, meet one more client or take those 5 extra minutes to speak with someone who is lonely. Ordinary wants credit. Heroes want results.

A Hero is willing to start a business or new relationship, even though it is easier to coast through a mindless job or stay in a comfortable situation, even if Love when out the door years ago.

A Hero is willing to find the best version of themselves today. And then again tomorrow, even though it takes a whole lot of effort. Ordinary hits the default. A Hero finds the energy and does what is needed, and then more.

A Hero is willing to write their own life story instead of being tossed around like a cork in the sea. Take charge of your life or someone else will.

A Hero does not wear a big, red “S” on their chest. They wear a suit or a dress or a t-shirt and go about their business as if it really, really mattered. Because it does.

Make the choice. . . . Run the race or sit on the sidelines and clap as life is passing you by.

2011. The year of the Hero.

Someone is becoming a Hero now. Do you want to Somebody?