HFCS = Corn Sugar

If nothing else, a certain aspect of the food industry is creative. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) has been the disastrous substance in seemingly every product for the past 20 years or more. It is considered a food additive but most (honest) health experts agree, it is highly problematic*. Bottom line. . . do what ever you can to avoid this.

Many in America have listened to this advice and either switched to a new substance and/or at least avoid HFCS as much as possible. Though estimates are not clear (nor extremely scientific), a reduction by 25% is the figure most commonly cited. Now, the Food Industry has reacted. Created a new, safe and healthier product? Not quite.

The Food Industry, specifically the Corn Refiners Association,  has simply changed the name from HFCS to “Corn Sugar.” Nothing but the name is changed. It is still the same, problematic substance that should be avoided at all costs.

Looking for safer alternatives? You already know them most likely, with Stevia and honey at the top of the list.

Make the switch if you have not already. Your health is worth it!


* = Obesity has been linked to may heath issues including heart disease and many forms of cancer. When HFCS is ingested, it travels straight to the liver which turns the sugary liquid into fat, and unlike other carbohydrates HFCS does not cause the pancreas to produce insulin; which acts as a hunger quenching signal to the brain. So we get stuck in a vicious cycle, eating food that gets immediately stored as fat and never feeling full.