Cold Sores

Every day, I post a small piece of health related information. Some I think are absolute gems. . . and get little to no responses many times. Some I feel are fine, but certain not anything dramatic . . . only to get a slew of responses, questions and inquires.  So much for my Nostradamus-like skills.

Today was another example. I posted a comment regarding “cold sores” and received a half-dozen or so comments and an additional 8 emails with questions and desires for more information. With that in mind, here we go. . . . .

Cold Sores or Herpes labialis is an infection of the lip by herpes simplex virus. The usual symptoms start with a  small blisters on or around the mouth area. . The sores typically heal within 21 days or so, but the herpes virus remains dormant in the facial nerves. Almost 2/3 of American adults have this dormant virus.

There are FDA-approved medications for outbreaks but no known cures according to standard medicine.

Natural medicine looks at this from a different perspective. According to natural medicine, cold sores are due to a virus and occur when stress of sunlight pull calcium out of the tissues and into the blood. In addition, it give the appearance of Hypervitaminosis D or excess Vitamin D in the system. However, in actually it is not so much an excess of Vitamin D but rather a deficiency of Vitamin F (or flaxseed). When this environment is present, the aforementioned virus becomes active and thus, one has outbreaks.

Natural medicine treatments focus on the following:

  1. Pulling calcium out of the blood and back into the bones.
  2. Reducing the amount of Vitamin D in the system by elevating Vitamin F.
  3. Enhancing the immune system.
  4. Reducing stress.

Though ideal treatment BY FAR focuses on addressing the specific needs of the individual, a typical protocol may look something like this:

  • Magnesium citrate or lactate along with Calcium lactate to address issue #1
  • Cataplex F perles (Flaxseed) to address issues #2* and #3**
  • Bach Flower Remedy to reduce stress

* = other methods can be used to address immune system enhancement if additional support is needed.

** = The amino acid L-Lysine is frequently used with great success to clear the virus.

Again, individualizing treatment such as Doctor’s Visit on CD, is HIGHLY recommended and more effective than “broad stroke” protocols such as the one above, but one can begin to get the picture.

Keeping the immune system strong (along with digestion) will go a very long way for prevention too.