Still Thirsty?

I drink a lot, especially water but am STILL thirsty.

Ever catch yourself say this? If you are an endurance athlete, the answer is most likely a rousing YES. IF you live in the sun belt, train in the heat and humidity, I can guarantee a YES.

The answer is simple – you need more trace minerals.

Trace minerals are the chemical compounds with long, odd sounding names like molybdenum and manganese. They are considered keys to metabolism and often viewed as the “spark plugs” of the system itself. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to get into the system, even if eating a healthy diet. The soil has been stripped of much of the trace minerals and supplementation has become a necessity.

THE key symptom as to whether you need trace minerals or REALLY NEED trace minerals is the aforementioned — “I am thirsty even though I drink a lot.”

Trace Minerals come in 2 primary forms — liquid and tablets. We have the Standard Process Trace Minerals which I use and find outstanding. This would be the one I would recommend.

It also comes in a liquid form which is also excellent. However, it could be the worst tasting substance known to mankind. Yes, it is that bad.

Either way, Trace Minerals are a must.  . . And not just for endurance athletes.

They are for anyone wishing to maintain their ideal health!