Turn Out The Lights: Night Light Leads to Weight Gain

An interesting report was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which suggests that some of the increase in obesity which has exploded over the past decade could be due to an increased exposure to light at night.

Scientists evaluated the effects of nighttime light exposure in mice. A greater increase in body mass was observed in those exposed to constant light and those exposed to a cycle of daylight and dim light compared to typical light/darkness cycle – the natural rhythm of the body.

In another experiment, eating during darkness prevented excess fat gain in animals exposed to the daylight-dim light cycle. The implications for humans?  Late night eating could also be a risk factor for obesity.

Doc Wellness notes: Keeping glucose in a health range, balanced diets and exercise are still and will always be THE major factors for obesity.

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However, factors such as light may play a part in the “stubborn 10;” that is, those last few 5-15 pounds that are often challenging to drop. 80-90% is diet and exercise. . . in that order.